July 14–31, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday July 147–10 PM | Gallery Hours by appointment

Artists: Daniel Aston, Eden Collins, Cassandra Dixon, Barbara Miñarro

Curated by Sarah Fox


We are all born with a body, a corporeal vessel of meat and bone where our spirit makes its home. Transfiguration examines the how the body we are born with may inform who we will become. Our sex, eye color, hair color, body type come encoded in our DNA. But is this body a destiny or a suggestion? As life marks our bodies through time, age and trauma, our identities too transform. Science, medical procedure and beauty treatments also help us treat the body as a more fluid canvas to shape to our own ideals. The artists included in “Transfiguration” all use the body as an impetus for change and transformation.


Daniel Aston /

Aston is an artist and gender blurring drag performer from Los Angeles. His drag persona Strawberry is used as a vehicle for transformation. With Strawberry, Aston creates performances designed to push the boundaries of taste, gender and sexuality. She is bravely and unapologetically herself, a physical chameleon, her acceptance of self and performances challenge us all to find the power within ourselves.

Cassandra Dixon /

Dixon is a sculptor, performance artist and painter from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dixon uses her body along with hand sewn props and the physical landscape to over come trauma. She returns to the scenes of traumatic events and performs bodily rituals that reclaim ownership of the space and her own physical being. She challenges the athletics and endurance of her own body by submerging herself in water and completing actions like breath holding, spinning or struggling. The resulting videos are beautiful and moving, a memory of the transfiguration through water and action of self.

Eden Collins /

Collins is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, currently living and working in San Antonio, Texas. Collins’ playful and flirtatious work questions the symbols of beauty and gender. Hair is a very important component in Collins’ work, through carving and sculpting her own hair, prosthetic hair placement and wigs she creates new modes of what is beautiful while questioning our society’s own rigid models.

Barbara Miñarro /

Miñarro is an artist from Monterrey, Mexico currently living and working in San Antonio. Miñarro’s work is interested in the quantifiable and seemingly measurable aspects of the body. Her sculptures take things like skin color, height, weight, shape and blur them, the resulting works an amalgamation of many. They are reminiscent of the body and of bodily gestures but are something all together unquantifiably new.

Opening Reception: Friday July 147–10 PM | Gallery Hours by appointment | 832-259-3530 |