Jose Villalobos

It is always when we least expect it, that life takes a turn and takes a different course. Growing up I always had a pencil and colored pencils ready at hand and prepared to draw. My imagination only grew with time. I was born and raised in the dry dusty city of El Paso, Texas. As an adult I eventually made my move to San Antonio, Texas, seeking greater opportunities. My first year of college I finally made my decision to become an English major, until I took my first art class and it came back to me as a second nature. Eventually I got my hands on clay and fell in love; the ability to manipulate and mold it into any shape or form.

My current work concentrates on body image, self-identity and obsession. I love to create visceral forms with a sense of ambiguity, giving the viewer the decision of what they are looking at. As an artist my intention is to create, learn and develop work that makes my audience feel comfortable. We obsess over things that make us uneasy and I want my work to give said audience a sense of security even with the subjects that may be considered taboo. By not limiting myself in my work, I try to find several solutions to problems and possibilities whether it’s the concept of my work or the materials I use. I’ve taken inspiration from great artists who have taught me the existence of the fine line between the absurd reality of life and its beauty, giving me the opportunity to explore it, in means to understand it and express it through my work.