"The landscape has the ability to both maintain and evoke memories. People live on the environment experiencing the changes taking place on a daily basis. The land marks these changes over time but eventually washes  away the past and starts fresh. I see the landscape as unique, in a constant state of flux, holding and only sparingly releasing the traces of those who have come before." - Turner

Texas native Tom Turner became fascinated with the photographic image during his undergraduate studies at McMurry University.  Growing up in Sweetwater Texas exposed Turner at an early age to the stark landscape that is West Texas.  While attending The Brooks Institute of Photography in California, Turner began exploring the concept of investigation through the photographic image, themes which remain evident in his work today.  Upon completing his education in California he ventured back to Texas where he worked in the newspaper publishing industry. Deciding to pursue a career change lead him to Lubbock Texas where he attend Texas Tech University and obtained an MFA in photography. Currently Turner lives in San Antonio where he is a Resident Artist and Co-Director of Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery as well as teaching several courses as an Adjunct Professor.